Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miley Cyrus Goes Boho Chic

One trend that I believe (and pray!) will never go out of style is the boho trend. To me, there is nothing greater than a flowy peasant blouse and a pair of classic flares. Check out Miley's look below - casual, but still trendy. Dress up this casual look with a pair of pumps or wedges and you're ready for a night out!

 Try out this fabulous look below! 

This blouse is from my absolute favorite online store - Nasty Gal!


The open racerback is identical to Miley's cream blouse! You can get it for only $68! 

Wide-legged flares are a fun way to channel your inner '60s chick! Interested? Try these from Old Navy, just $36.94. 

These suede pumps will go great with either a wide-legged flare or try them with a long skirt!  You can find them at Forever 21 for just $25.80!

The right accessories make an outfit, and this cross-body satchel is perfect to finish off your boho look! Yet again, you can get this fabulous find at my favorite one stop shop, Forever 21! With a price tag of just $16.80, you'd be nuts to pass it up!  

Ladies, if you're as big a fan of Almost Famous as me, you can't go wrong with this Penny Lane look! Send me pictures of you channeling your best Woodstock look and I'll post them! 




I’m sure you are, considering you’re on our blog right now, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is literally one of the best things I’ve discovered and I’m going to share it with you.

I have just made your night, I know. But you’ll love me even more once you really explore this site, it’s absolutely amazing.

And for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet (dummies), this is an indie fashion marketplace Web site. They have a ton of designer brands and other unique brands, including our favorite – Haute, for discounted prices. These are styles that are from California and all the major designers on the west coast. They really focus on the uniqueness of their pieces, and you know what that means – daring (my favorite). These are the kind of sites you need to keep an eye out for because once you get items from here, it’ll be a hell of a shot you’ll see someone else you know wearing it. I can promise you that, and everyone will love your outfit.

This is one of those sites where you’ll find exactly what you were looking for, or had in mind, that you just couldn’t find anywhere. That’s how I stumbled upon it, I was searching for this perfect dress I had in mind and low and behold – came into my life and now I’m sharing my secret find with all of you!

I’ve got a challenge for you ladies:

Go onto and create an outfit by posting the links for each piece in our comment area and we’ll tell you if you’ve nailed the look you were going for and if you have that eye, or if you need to work on it. Even better, Chelsey can tell you if you’ve created a celebrity look for less, her specialty.

Have fun girls! And again, you’re welcome.

Until next time,

Alex <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taylor Swift at Wonderstruck Launch for Sephora

On October 18th country singer sweetheart Taylor Swift attended the launch of her new perfume, Wonderstruck, at Sephora Americana in Glendale, California. The songstress looked fabulous as usual in a Contrarian New York metallic a-line dress, Jimmy Choo glittery sling-back peep-toes, and Neil Lane jewels. Interested in getting this classic Hollywood look at a much more appealing price tag? Try out this fabulous look for less!

For a cheaper take on Taylor's classic Hollywood inspired dress try this look from BCBGeneration:

Swap Taylor's $425 price tag for BCBGeneration's much more appealing $128!

Obsessed with Taylor's glittery Jimmy Choo pumps as much as us? Check out Madden Girl's Oaklannd Gold Glitter sling backs! Compare their $49.95 price tag with Jimmy Choo's nearly $700 and it's a no brainer!

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, however their price tags are not! Instead of the Neil Lane diamonds that Taylor wore, try these very similar look-a-likes from Claire's:



Helpful hint: Stores like Claire's and Icing are great for cheap jewelry finds; most of the time the jewelry department has a great special, like buy 2 get 1 free, or something along those lines!

Add a statement clutch and your red carpet look is complete!

Links to all of these items are listed below, and if you're interested in replicating Taylor's fresh faced makeup look send an email to our hair and makeup guru Alex at

If you have any questions or need any help replicating this look send me an email and I'll be sure to get back to you right away!




Well, not exactly.
Mixing and matching is so last year. It wasn't long ago when mixing floral patterns with lace, boyfriend style clothes with chic, and vintage with modern were new on the scene. These styles were hard-hitting and soon the hottest trend in Hollywood.

It's obvious that vintage has made a comeback in recent years, but are we almost back to where we started? It seems like it with the newest matchy-matchy trend that's starting to surface.

That's right; it's OK to mess around with fashion and different styles! Otherwise, there'd be no fabulousity in this world and, worse, nothing for us to blog about.

Alright, let's get more specific – matching your outfit to your makeup. Crazy, I know. But trust me, the end result is fabulous. Just the right amount of (subtle) matching creates the perfect look. Be careful not to cross the line of chic and over the top, loud.

To nail this look play around with matching a texture with your nail polish, makeup or clothes. Remember, think subtle, you don't want to overdo it.

Here are some helpful ideas to get you started:

Lips & Tips
Think pin up girl – vintage, luscious and gorgeous all at the same time. One rule, keep the lips and nails within the same color family (duh, or it wouldn't match), preferably red. This is a great way to get that Scarlet Johansson look. By doing this, you'll look crisp and stand out, but not too much. Can you say, "chic?"

Clothes & Makeup
Now, for matching your makeup to your clothes there's just remember– no clashing colors! Don't try and be daring by going vibrant on the eyes with a casual outfit. Use colors that complement the outfit you're wearing. Another great way to do this is to match your makeup with the event or setting you'll be in. For example, dramatize the eyeshadow if you're dressing for the evening or going out. The same goes for casual outfits, make the colors softer and not as heavy.

Eyeshadow & Liner
Here's the easy one, but what I think is the best one. What's the first thing people look at when they see you? Hopefully your eyes – so give 'em something to look at! One thing I love about eyeshadow is that you can make any color eyes stand out. The best way to get this look is to stay monochromatic and choose a liner that's one shade darker than your shadow. This will create definition and a fierce look. Play around with different colors and shades and try doing your eyeliner different. My secret is that I like to use an eyeliner brush and use one of my eyeshadows for liner. It creates a clean, soft look that you'll love.

Remember my one, essential rule: BE DARING.

Until next time,

Alex <3